Searching for Halo 4 Clan

Hi all, looking for a group of people to play with it can be serious or for fun, usually play around 9 PM EST (east coast usa) onto all night, usually a competitive person myself, I am a adult (26) so would prefer older people but its all good if not. Any questions feel free.

Thanks, Arc4ngels

Private message Tomoyota


United Nations Spartan Corps.

as my friend said above, pm me and i can help to bring you into our clan

The clan my friends are talking about is known as the exiles we have various recruitment pages and it is really easy to join! we are not looking for the best of the best but players who want to strive to build a strong clan and efficient unit! Just PM tomoyota and he will direct you to one of our recruitment pages, depending on where you live or live closest too.

West US Leader