Searching for German Community / Discord Server

Hello Spartans!

Sorry, i have to write in English… otherwise the post would be deleted again.

I’m looking for a german-speaking group (of all ages) where you can find teams / players for all Halo games (but above all with regard to Infinite) … arena / social games / customs … nothing fixed or forced, when you have the time and want to play. A Discord server would be ideal. Are there any existing ones? Would be nice to find a small community in which you can also exchange meanigs/experiences about the games, give each other help … or just have a fun chat xD

See you

Hi There, i have the pretty much same request as yours. So if would like we could play and search together for a small community. Just pm me and i can provide you a discord link of my people. Some of them also will also play infinte.

Whats up, my Friend and me playing on Xbox, so we don’t have Discord. If u still wanna Play add me on Xbox my GT is x I Koala x.

Whats up mate, me and my friend searching for good Player and nice talks. We playing on Xbox in u wanna Play together add me. Gt: x I Koala x