Searching for a Military Based Clan

I’m 16, I live in the state of Washington, and my name’s Sen.

I’m looking for active xbox live folk, preferably awesome ones!
I also LOVE clans, especially MILITARY BASED CLANS who love kicking booty but still know how to have a fun conversation.

My rank is 130 and I have a pathetic K/D of 1.16 and I want it to change
I also have a turtle beach, so I kinda expect you to have one too…

CheckeredZeebra ← Pretty awesome person right here

So, do what you want with this information. Hope to here from some of you beautiful humans! :slight_smile:

Hey :slight_smile: you sound like a really upbeat and happy person. If you want someone to play with I’m your guy and as for a clan You should consider my clan. Genus. Genus is Latin for noble race so we thought it would suit us. Anyways if you’re looking for a clan you can join ours. We don’t want you to change many things other than your emblem, service tag and a couple of Xbox profile info. Our clan is a cops and robbers themed clan do if you decide to join you can choose wether to be a cop or a robber and your ranks and other stuff depend on it. Msg me if you’re interested. My gamertag is NinjaTabii. See you :slight_smile:

Hello everyone. My clan name is Team Barays and we are in a starting stage. We currently have 6 members and all 6 are very skilled at the game. Once we get to 50 members, we will have 10 members on each squad: CTF, SWAT, Snipers, Grifball, and an MLG Slayer team. (Don’t worry we are already signed up in MLG) Once members start to flow in, we will have a ranking system inside the clan, somewhat like the Military. We will become a force to be reckon with once the numbers become numerous. We will host tryouts for anyone as of now, and later when we get 50+ members, we will start divide people into Branches. The tryouts will include how well one controls a gun, driving ability, handle getting shot, etc. The minimum age for joining is 14 going on 15 years of age. We do have rules, but I will tell you them when you tryout. Message Z1kz or redneck2224 for an invite to tryouts or just info about the clan. Thank you and join Team Barays!

Hey I see you’re looking for people to play Halo 4 with and a Military based clan, I think I can help you out with both of those. I am active so you wont have to worry about deleting me and I do talk and have a working mic. Oh and you said your socially awkward, don’t worry we all are in our own way.

Hit me up on Xbox sometime with a message or friend request idc which:


Try the clan Im in, trust me once you are in you will never want to leave. And we might also help you with your KD.

I’m up for playing halo with you!

GT: Commander Keel

I’m more of a competitive player, I’m in a clan but it’s not military based, it’s based around YouTube. Anyway, add me if you’re still looking for people to play with - X700 AMBUSH

You can always join DHG!I am also a female gamer, I love DHG. You get the chance to make a lot of new friends. I’ve been in DHG for 4 months and I’m still good friends with lot of the people I met.

We’re a fun gaming community and we’re always looking for need people. We don’t ask for much & we’re starting to bring some competitive things into our division. Our ranking structure is military based, starting PVT and up to GEN. We have an Iron Man tournament on Wednesday nights, winner gets $10 Xbox money.

Our only requirments are as follows:

  1. Motto/Bio Change
  2. Spartan Armor Color
  3. Two Practices a week

Our practices are Monday-Saturday. 3pm, 8pm, & 11pm EST.

If you’re interested hit me up on Xbox my GamerTag is DHG Katniss.
You can always look at our website

Hello! Im from CPG and we are looking for players who are active! You sound like a perfect fit. As of now we only have about 40 members but most are active and pretty awesome. We play games halo 4 a lot as well as many games outside of halo. We have many people who like to get achievements and beat coop campaigns in many games and are always willing to help someone out when they can. Our most active members are on everyday so you’ll always have someone to play a game with. If you’d like I can invite you to a practice and you can check out how we work and see if you’d like to join. Just send me a message if you’d like to try us out GT: CPG TaterFudge.

Add me if you wanna play some Halo, I got all of em.

Gt- Wrenchineer

There’s a couple other girls me and some other guys play Halo with, so it might not be as akward, if I got that right.

If you like matchmaking, I would play, and if you ever have the need to play custom games, me and the people i usually play with have almost a full lobby within a few minutes so it’s usually always busy and everyone’s talking so things never really get awkward and everyone is accepted.