Searching for a mature Military Clan.

I’ve been lone wolfing Halo for as long as i can remember and i’ve heard of more than a ton of great military clans. Last year i found myself in one, which name i can’t clearly remember, however i couldn’t take them seriously, simply because 12 and 13 year olds were telling me what to do ? I was into everything, and i liked the way things worked, however i expected a lot more maturity among this Military clan’s members. However here i am, ready to give this another shot, pretty desperate to get back into Halo and playing with people who are coordinated and mature.

Do you have Xbox One, Master Chief Collection?

Hey Desperado. I was going to ask you the same question as Biggsy but he already asked that so I’ll just await your reply. In the meantime I’ll tell you a little bit about my clan. My clan is called the Epsilon Fleet. Epsilon Fleet is a military styled clan based off the UNSC and we’re mainly established in Halo: MCC. We’re expanding into other games as well such as Destiny and Titanfall. We offer places for players of all gamestyles. Whether you’re casual, competitive, or a map forger, we have a place for you. We host weekly practices and game nights to keep our clan active and stable. If you want to learn more about our clan feel free to add me on Xbox or check out our website! My gamertag is “paradlse”

Here’s a link to our website:

]( you do want to join our clan make sure you sign up on our website. Please put down my name for how you found our clan. Once you’re all signed up one of our members will get in contact with you and get you through the process.

Sorry for getting back to both of you so late ,but unfortunately i’m only on Halo 4, Reach, and 3 on the 360. I probably should have listed that above, so my apologies to you both.

Consider enlisting in the Snipas Empire United… What we have to offer: the best Military and Government experience in Halo and to be part of a winning tradition and not only just a clan, but a band of brothers & sisters. Check out our website @ for more info, and if interested, fill out an enlistment form. This is for Xbox 360, Halo Reach. Enlist today-Fight or Die, Always Resilient-