Searching for a Halo: Reach group


I just got a replacement 360 after not having one for around a year now. All of my friends are either Offline permanently, on Netflix 24/7 or on Xbox One. I’d really like to find a fun group to play some Reach with (Looking into getting a new copy of Halo 4 sometime soon as well).

I used to be halfway decent. Positive K/D, if that matters. Can hold my own if I’m given enough time to get used to the game again. I’m mostly just wanting something relaxed with like-minded people. A group that has some focus on Custom games would be a huge plus. Anyways, let me know if I can play with you. Hope I can make some friends.

If you’re looking to also join a clan then try mine out. We are the The Federation Vs. Rebels Army. I made a post about this befire you posted check it out. If you’re even more interested message me or Lord Sofe on xboxlive. My Xbox live is the same on here. There is a lot more to the clan thn I posted and I mean it, There is no other clan like ours trust me!

Sounds interesting. I’ll send a message in a bit. Thanks.