Searching for a community

I didn’t even know this forum was here. Not sure how to begin this post but I feel I must say something.

I have sadly lost interest in the halo series ever since halo 3. My best friend and I were quite good at it at the time, and were going to become professionals - but Call of Duty 4 came out and ruined it. But I digress…

What I really mean to say is this:

I bought Halo: Combat Evolved on the day of release, and fell in love with the game. My best friend and I would play it for countless hours, beat the co-op on legendary, loved the story. I figured out how to get online via Gamespy Arcade and Gamespy Tunnel and it was all history after that. Countless hours of my life spent on that game and I miss it dearly. After that, I found a better method of playing it online through xbconnect.

When Halo 2 came out, I was upset, because it didn’t quite live up to the first Halo, or so I thought. It felt different. Again I digress…

What I want to know is this: Is there still a community out there (xbox or pc) that still play this game? I miss CTF on BG and Slayer on Hang Em High and Shotguns on Chillout and the game in general. I need to find a way to play this game like I used to. I may have to get LANs going in my area but until then I just miss it dearly. I watched a few videos from the other threads, and just hearing the sounds of the gameplay brought me back. AND THE MUSIC…

I nostalgia’d so hard. I NEED this game back in my life.

LAN parties for Halo CE would be hard to find now a days, I think there was a group on that hosted LAN parties but I’m not certain. You can still find servers on the PC version, but it’s mainly all CTF heavies on BG with spawn killing Scorpions. >_> Although there are some good servers that have 16 player Hang em High FFA matches, 1 flag on Death Island, CTF Boarding action were among some of my favs, just be prepared to deal with A LOT of lag.

PC has a lot of lag, but apparently there’s a mod in progress for fixing that.

I don’t think CE has much of a population on xbox connect, or similar communities anymore.

The closest you’re going to get at the moment is Anniversary classic in Reach. It has a handful of the maps, including Hang 'em High. There are fewer difference like the AR has slightly more range, and the pistol has marginally more bloom and a smaller clip, but it’s still pretty close to original CE. Most importantly, there is very little lag.

you may be interested in paying a visit.

They are a Halo Custom Edition community for the PC that figure out how to release ranks. Its awesome!

Otherwise, I’d say Xbox Connect.

I still play the PC version. I never owned an xbox. I bought Halo 3 once I have to go to a friend’s house to play it. I’m surprised the PC version is still kinda popular and yes there is some lag. Something tells me the PC version may never die. Although not until they one day release the CEA to the PC as well.