Search Region Option - Anyone Try it?

So I’m reading through the Winter Update Developer Notes:

and ran across a note on “Search Region Option”. Apparently this allows you to specify the Region to which servers you connect with.

Has anyone tried this yet?

One of my main issues I’ve had with the game was it kept connecting to some Server in Amsterdam and I’m in Alberta Canada - so my matches had ping times of 250 ms. If it actually works, then it should allow me to at least pick Servers in the USA instead of Northern Europe, and if I get Seattle servers, well my ping time will be very playable. I might even be able to experience De-Synch - LOL !

Update: I downloaded it on my Xbox One X and gave it a try with “Search Region” on “Local”. I tried 3 rounds of BTB and 3 rounds of 4V4 QuickPlay Solo.

My matches started in < 30 seconds, so finding a match (I’m in MD Time Zone playing between 1 pm and 2 pm early afternoon) was not an issue. The worst match I had was ping times of 100 ms, which was a weird CTF QuickPlay that had other issues too (the enemy team kept spawning on our Flag side too). BTB was between 40 and 70 ms and the QuickPlay were usually 35 to 60 ms. I’m pretty sure the ≤40 ms ping times were connecting to the Seattle - NW USA server.

So at least I’m not connecting to Eastern Europe Servers anymore, so that’s a step up. I really want to be able to select my Preferred Server like in H5 / MCC and hope they get this sorted out sooner than later.

I’m going to use it during my ranked play time this week, bit i haven’t gotten to test it yet myself

Test it before hoping into ranked, just in case.

… (20 more characters later).

Yeah - I had worse ping on local so I switched back.

Any feature this big will take any of us at least 8hrs of game time to get a feel for whether or not it improves the matches we find. I probably won’t have an opinion on it until next week tbh

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Nah I unfortunately live on Expanded if I want to find matches in this game lmao

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When I tried Local in ranked arena the search took longer and the game actually ran worse. To be fair the game generally runs pretty poorly anyway on my pc so it’s kinda hard to tell if local was that much worse. Definitely wasn’t better. Lots of getting shot behind walls and grenades that never explode and that kind of thing.

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