Search Gamertag bar not working

So when ever I try to search for a player on the front page search bar for the gamer tag, I get gamertag not found.
I literally copy and paste the gamer tag from and still it says no service record found.

Any name at all I wouldn’t be able to find…so that’s a problem…

Hi COG Integrity,

  • What are the gamertags you’re attempting to search for?
  • What exactly are you seeing after you click the search button?

I would be searching up my own name, or my friends name, just any gamertag at all.
COG Integrity
COG Burnz

But all i get is “service record not found”

It is an exact spelling, yet I can’t find them.
I could only find the profiles if i were to sign in and go to my own app service record and go to the “search player” button on the top right…

I even tried searching the GT’s with Firefox and chrome thinking it’s a cache problem, I still have the same results of “service record not found”

Thank you for the heads-up. We will investigate this issue.

Has this function been removed permanently? I no longer see it on the home page.

I inquired about this before, but there’s been no update.

The Halo Waypoint blog system was recently updated and the second search bar on the front page was removed. You can still search for gamertags in the main search bar at the top of all pages to see a player’s Service Record.