Search for 2vs2 teammate NL

Hi I am looking for a teammate to play 2vs2.

I have played almost 1vs1 only and It brings me to General (almost) this way.
But I want to play 2vs2 with a teammate now.
Communicating to win from the other team.
Trying some tactics and work together to have maximum effect.

I am from the Netherlands.
I have a TS of 32 for 1vs1.
I like to play the UNSC. I am bad at the Covenant.
I have played equal amount with all the UNSC players.
And bring me all to TS 32.
I can play only in the evening because of work.
Maybe one day a week as exemple the wensday.

Let me know when you are up to.
Best if your are from the Netherlands because the time difference.

Your rank doesn’t matter, but it would be helpful if you posted what leaders you like to play or something along those lines. I can’t play b/c I am barely on due to college, but I’m always willing to assist via the forums.

^^^ Same for me.

Thanxs, Legskindal and metaloidmonkey I have edited my post.

I can probably teach you some things (im not the best out there though) and im from the netherlands aswell.
Wednesday I can play only during the day though because I have to go to work in the evening.

ts 1v1: 44
2v2 :45
2v2 party: 40 (lose alot because of playing with people who I teach or rl friends)
3v3 : 44
3v3 party:46

as long as you listen to me at times and communicate I will help you :slight_smile:

Klacka Klicka thanxs for the intrest.
The main reason I request for a buddy is for joy.
Communicate is important for a good play so jah I listen of course.
Some new tactics are welcome to.
Wednesday isn’t a hard line but the evening is.
Can you play a other day in the evening?

monday from 15:30-whenever, tuesday from 15:30-1700 , wednesday from 11:00-16:00

saturday during the day and sunday whole day

these are the times I can actually play doesnt mean im always on then, but most of the time I am.

Cool, I stuck on TS32 so I realy could use some new insight in the game.

Monday from 20:00 till +/- 23:00?

im on around 20:15-20:30