Sean W's New Vid Dropped and evidences that The Dev's Lied

Fair enough. I’m definitely on the side of not supporting the game in any capacity until it’s in a better place, even if that means never playing it again. 343 has used up all the chances I was willing to give them.

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Bungie games launched with full customization, full campaign WITH coop, forge, multi-player with game type choice for 60 dollars.

343 released a barely functional multi-player for free, a campaign without coop for 60 dollars, and most of its customization locked behind another paywall that would cost you far more than a bungie game to get even half of.


With Infinite they are on thin thin ice with me. I played a lot in the “beta” days, you know…November’s early release of the full game…played the first Tenrai event…played a game a day to get the Christmas stuff, and finished the second Tenrai event…once I finished each event, I jumped out to another game. Have not been back since. Probably won’t be back for the next event.

I did not even buy the campaign and the campaign looks like it was worth the money because I do enjoy campaign games a lot still. Always have. Part of why I did not buy the campaign right away was because how the completely stiffed their loyal fans by giving them next to nothing in terms of multiplayer content. I will always hold the opinion that campaign buyers should have been given at least 4 battle passes for free.

The relationship is strained for multiple reasons, not just the monetization…and it is one that would need some major repairing for me to feel like Halo is fun again.

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Way ahead of you. :woman_shrugging:

Edit: spelling, in such a short sentence, Jesus send me strength.


Campaign cut-content give me Halo 3 ODST vibe

Boggles my mind how anyone is still supporting Halo Infinite. There’s still so much missing content and the monetization is so horribly done.

Free to play was a mistake.


You answered your own question. The free part is mediocre, the premium part is what costs money. It’s the opposite of how games used to be. They’d charge up front and filter in updates.

Welcome to the future, it’s not all shiny rainbows and buttercups

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Its funny you mention it, because this sean loser is a whale. Seen a vid of his where he complains abiut the store, but he’s gone and bought those gay cat ears.

I wouldn’t say the idea to go free to play was a mistake as it did bolster the community. The mistake is that it was a poorly implemented shift from traditional Halo ideals, and there wasn’t as much thought put into anti-cheat measures and shop balancing.

I completely disagree with this. We need the population to be as high as possible and we need the sales to be as low as possible.

Yeah… The 343 there is probably not all the same 343 today; sometimes the plans change as well with the hands.

This is the wrong response. You have to play as much as possible and never spend money. To the company, having someone not play the game and not buy anything is out of their control. But if you prove to them that you’re willing to play the game, they’re going to do everything they can to figure out why you’re not spending money.

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Maybe you are right, but maybe you are a Sketch smurf account, so how can I trust you? :joy:

Oh, wait. You are safe.

Interesting take, I haven’t looked at it like that. I am not playing anymore. (I tried a couple rounds of non-BTB this week, but it just isn’t my cup of tea.)
But perhaps my 101h 20m Play Time 926 Matches count for something, when I keep playing a bot game a day. :smiley:

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Don’t make a girl a promise…if you know you can’t keep it.

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No it’s not, lying is making a promise with no intention of keeping it. They may have intended to, but just flopped

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343 just doens’t know what the ladies like.


I made a mistake. I edited my post. Please edit yours.

Whose we? I don’t do that. But more importantly, multiplayer isn’t designed to be single player. Also, pretty sure most Biohazard games are third person, so you’re still getting to look at what you bought there. Where in Infinite you’re not. Also, my point from the beginning was a drop in people purchasing. I never said it would go to zero. Do you doubt it would drop?

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Well clearly “we” is the collective whole of the gaming community…which is why game developers offer such content.

In Infinite there is plenty of chance to see your Spartan.

If you are focused on the look of your enemy and not killing your enemy during a match, we’ll I suppose you have other things in mind than slaying.

Yes, of course a drop in player base would equal a drop in purchasing. How much, well that is just what we would have to wait and find out exactly how much. I do not believe it would be enough to make a change because of the “whales” who buy every little microtransaction.

I would love to be proven wrong. Oh how I would love it.

That’s not how F2P games work. You need the population to be low because people don’t have enough self control to NOT buy the shop items. I should know, I WAS one of those people. As soon as the second Tenrai event came around and there were still promotional items in the shop as well as the challenge system still being dog water, I uninstalled Infinite.

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