It’s 8:20pm here in australia, prime time for the aussie halo community on a saturday.
But yet my team find a game of 3 singapore and 1 hong kong.
They obviously pull host… their boltshots are killings us from ring 3 when we are on main tree (abandon map). but yet when i get up like 2 metres away my boltshot fails to fully knock their shields down, its taking a full clip or even a bit more to kill one of them, i had a grenade thrown at me at top gold from ring 3 and i swear it curved like a soccer ball kicked by david beckham (it didnt hit me, but it still curved like hell)
But yet i look at my friends list and their are about 20 of my friends in parties playing games.

2 games earlier we found a group a USA / Mexicans and spent most time in black screen.

Search preferences need to be put in place, or there is no point in anyone in Aus / NZ to play matchmaking when all we get is super lagg. It will get to a point where everyone just plays customs (which is the current state already in the competitve community).

I would play custom 100% of the time due to the poor quality of connection and the lack of competitive matchmaking because the playlists are crap and there seems to be no skill search applied.
You would think you would get good players in slayer pro, but generally they are as bad as the bigteam / objective kids.

Please as search preferences which include:

Search Good Connection
Seach Same Skill
Join Quick Game (JOIN IN PROGRESS)

Also the lobby sucks, it constantly screws up and if you nominate a new party leader, the new party leader cant change the party settings. I would like to be able to see if the other team are a party or just a bunch of randoms

I know. It’s pretty bad, but it’s not as bad when compared to playing Halo 3 on a yellow bar back in the day.

I know exactly what you mean 343 have stuffed up big time with not having a good connection option. Game is unplayable at times and I have no choice about the matter. Plenty of Aussies playing but I hardly ever seem to get matched with them.