SDU recruitment page

this recruitment page is for those looking to join a military clan and our clan the SDU or specialized defense unit is just that clan. were looking for members with dedication,discipline,respect, and a sense of humor so to say. we are looking for members that are interested in becoming more than just members of a clan were looking for those who want to help the clan community and those who want to make it better and mostly about having fun. our clan tries to get weekly and monthly raids we do weekly training and as well as meetings. in our clan you do not have to be skilled at the game to join you do not have to be a specific rank to join the most important thing is that you have fun and enjoy meeting new people. if you would like to join message me (WJBenz) for recruitment and to answer any questions about the clan.

Also those looking to join our clan tries to get weekly clan raids and battles on Fridays but most of the time its hard because of school and work including most of our members are in many different time zones so inactivity isn’t really a huge problem but if your inactive for more than say a year then we will let you go