SDC (Spartan Division Corps)

Hello my name is Elven Deadeye. Im here to tell you about the new Spartan Division Corps. You probably heard of Mythic Team (the head division) but thats only one of the divisions of this army. There are 4 members in each division. The first of each division will be the commander and will be responcible for his/her team. There are currently no members but the next 3 to join will be placed in Mythic Team with me and then more divisions for the following. Every member has to play with his/her division.
There are different kinds of divisions such as ifantry divisions, vehicle divisions, and sniper divisions. We do all kinds of matchmaking, custom games, and forge. Here are some of the requirements:

Mics are NOT required.

Must be a team player.

Must be mature and friendly.

Must change service tag close to division name and the number you are of it. Example: I am MTH1 (Mythic 1).

Must change symbol to SDC symbol (flame background with gray and black D.O.G tags).

If you would like to join please message Elven Deadeye!
(Dont be afraid to post questions)