Scropio is looking for recruits!

We’re a new and laid back clan but, when we need something done we do it right. Every new recruit has an option between the Precision or Special Forces division. The Precision division specializes in Team SWAT and Team Snipers. The Special Forces division specializes in Team slayer and Big team battle. We have an organized military ranking system. There are seven ranks which are Recruit, Corporal, Sargent, Captain, Brigadier, General, and last but not least Veteran. If you would like to join contact YouxxGotxxOwned or urban nlnja15 with a message stating that you would like to join. For more info go to

I may think about joining. Im just choosing which one to join cuz i play all four playlists, but mostly SWAT and Team Slayer. I’ll PM you later, but it sounds interesting.

That’s fine.