Scripting Bug?

I’m trying to do some scripting in Forge, but I’m hitting a strange wall that I can’t seem to overcome. Some objects, such as the interactive set pieces that move when you shoot them or shields, have the scripting condition “On health below”, yet no matter what I do, this condition never seems to register. I’ve tried making a set of shield doors that have the emitters change color to red when the shield is below 40% health, yet nothing happens. To verify it was more than a mere issue with me setting up my channels correctly, I also set it up so the shield would simply despawn when this condition was met. Since the shield failed to despawn as I shot it to the point where it dissipated, I can only assume this means this condition is simply not registering. The “On Destroyed/Despawned” condition fails to register in this case as well - it works as intended with fusion coils or other explosives, as I have managed to get triggers and scripts to function upon blowing up a fusion coil, but this and the health below condition seem to do absolutely nothing with shields or other interactive objects.

Is this intentional, or is it a bug?