screw warzone

343 i don’t like warzone all i care to play is arena and yet hundreds of thousands of points spent in gold packs and all i ever get is warzone reqs. … i understand the cosmetic items don’t appear often but holy crap the only arena boost i get is from the 1st win of the day it’s very rare for me to get arena boost in a gold pack so maybe you should even it out or just make a warzone pack and a arena pack so the players who only play arena can excited about gold packs

I understand what you’re saying, but in arena, there isn’t much to get from Gold/Silver Req packs. rather than armour, helmet, or camo. Though id like to add, Id like to be able to use any of the gun varients in arena, but that’s just a dream. But my question is, what would an arena gold pack give you? XP and req? That’s all i can think of. Besides that, I hear you.

But they want you to pay money for those packs in order to acquire that patricular coagulation of pixels we call armor.