Screw this game.

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343i, you dropped the ball with this -Yoinking!- game. It’s really hard to believe you made a game that’s -Yoinking!- worse than Reach. I’m sick of your gimmicky armor abilities (crutches for people who can’t play). You made the battle rifle a -Yoinking!- pellet gun that has no range, camo lasts a -Yoinking!- lifetime. You take your piece of -Yoink- game and take it hell with you. -Yoink- your company and what you’ve done.

Oh yeah, here’s a pic to give you a visualization of what I think of Halo 4.
Have a nice -Yoinking!- day.

woah dude, you coulda got $35 for that!

You have issues.

What a shame…

So funny, but get ready for a lock and ban. lol


b-but mommy! I dont like this game! stop yelling at me for breaking the game you bought me!

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Hahaha you fcking insolent little piece of sht. 343 have done nothing wrong and I am actually glad you broke the disc so I wont be meeting you online you greedy little -Yoink-.

Do not ever destroy your copy. You could’ve got money in return and someone else could be playing your copy. Calm your rage.


You should seek a Psychologist.

I’m not being mean. If a game is causing you this much distress, then there is something else going on in your life.


Rose tinted glasses. Take them off and wise up a little. Don’t tell me you are incapable of spotting anything wrong with this game.

I bet he lost a lot of games of SWAT by people using the BR and went into an ultimate Super Saiyan rage quit