who would want to see business as senery in halo 4 forge

Sorry, but I have no idea what you’re talking about.

you mean like cars and syscrapers?

Hell YES!

I have no clue what the OP’s trying to say in their post, so I’m going to reply to the topic title.

Okay, OP, I don’t think “screnery” is a word, but I think screens in Forge would be pretty cool. I’ve seen some… illegitimate alterations… in screenshots showing the screens on The Pit being modified and turned into cameras that showed parts of the level. These… alterations… were made in the respective map variant files. What this means is that in theory, altering screens and camera positions is possible in a Forge file. We just don’t have a GUI for it, and it probably requires that the screen and camera functionality exist in the map.

The upshot of all of which is that if 343 releases a map with alterable screens – and it is entirely within their power to do so – then we could totally get… er… “screenery”. And it’d be freaking AWESOME. Just imagine the strategical possibilities… Just imagine how it could be used in something like Infection… DO WANT.