[Screenshot Montage] Bungie All Stars Week 5

Late? So it was a while ago but a few days ago I was given the opportunity to create a pictage for the submissions for Bungie All Stars Week 5: Elite screenshots (by the Bungie All Stars group). After spending some time hunting down submissions with the help of sploder and carnage (a big thanks to them) I spent the best part of a day crafting my second screenshot montage.
Enjoy 5 minutes of Blargh
Bungie All Stars Week 5 ~ Elites

For those unfamiliar with allstars see bungie.net, in short it’s a contest held by bungie for fan created content, winners recieve a star nameplate in halo reach

So what? People don’t post here or something?

I coulda swore I posted a reply to you already for this…

Maybe it was another thread… That’s probably it.

Anyway, I watched this vid from the link on Bungie.net you posted in the All Star Forum. Good stuff. :slight_smile:

(1:04 is mine)

Nice collection! I could only hope to take screens like those.

Good stuff, didn’t care for the song, but that’s me. I don’t think you got mine, but I also don’t know if I tagged it.

Probs not, I would have only found a submission if it had been put in the weekly update, the forum of the bungie allstars private group, or the bungie allstars thread in the community forum on bungie.net