Screencaps of Halo CE: Anniversary

Ok I’m not too sure how many people may or may not have seen these pictures but here you go they are more detailed pictures of the Halo CE: Anniversary trailer and by detailed I mean close ups of some campaign levels and some enemies in full modern glory. :slight_smile: Here’s the link.

Not new but i like that pic.

Oh there’s loads more if you look on the right hand side of the web page there is a photo stream allowing you to see more photos new ones have a look I’ll give another link so you can see them in a larger perspective and you can go back and forth. Here you go :slight_smile:

Ah they do look a little new, thanks!

Guys, these are all just screenies from the ViDoc.

Please edit the post so this doesn’t blow up.

Rename the thread to Screencaps of Halo CE: Anniversary

I literally said that they were from the trailer just that it is much easier to see them when they are not flashing about the place so quickly it’s just nice for people to have a look. Without having to stop and start the trailer.