Screen Safe Zone?

I’ve had the option to see my ping turned on since the flights and never could tell you what my ping was because it wasn’t appearing on screen.

After watching recordings on my phone I discovered, my ping has been displayed, but its so high up on the screen I can’t see it on my TV.

I’ve gone through all the UI and Accessibility settings and I cannot get ping to be displayed ig enough to even peek the numbers, just the transparent box, and trying to adjust the HUD seems to do absolutely nothing, even to the HUD.

Any fixes? Or does 343 need to make an actual Screen Safe Zone adjuster, I can’t seem to find one.

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Sounds like overscan to me. I’d suggest looking at the settings on your TV. Your brand may not use the term ‘overscan’ so you may need to look around a bit to find how to turn it off.


Think I fixed it by changing my resolution, I set it from 16:8 or whatever to scan and now it works.
Thank you so much, not sure why my dumb*** didnt think of this