Screen Issues and Texture Flickering

Hi. Just started playing halo for the first time in years bought myself a series s and downloaded MCC straight away. I’m loving the game. But I seem to be having these screen issues well texture issues where the textures will appear white and flickering it’s really bad on REACH and appears on Halo 3 too. So I’m not sure what’s going on her could it be an issue on my end or is people experiencing the same also. Thanks.!


Its you…
Its rarely shows in games unless the map is overloaded

Where its most likely to happen

Its most likely to happen in CGB games… where custom maps are made by modders…
so like having more things spawned in.
then what the map can take…
this makes the whole map overload an starts to lose colors…
effects only happens from a certain point of view

Hi. I just posted this a few minutes ago. How come it saying someone else created it?

Yeah it’s a bug right now, it happens when playing Campaign, Firefight & Multiplayer, I believe 343 is aware of the issue but I’m not sure when they’ll fix it

I haven’t had any issues with it happening in Halo 3 but I’ll be sure to watch out for that now

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No, it’s a known bug. It’s not him at all.


I know what you guys are talking about, I have not seen the graphic flickering issue in Halo 3 at all, but only in Halo Reach on my Series X is where its most severe and it started with this recent update or back with Season 8 update. It happens so randomly that its hard to track down when this happens, I think its related to a certain light element like very bright flashing lightning in game but its not always the case. It can also happen on a certain spot your standing on at a certain camera angle as well.

I’ve been getting it since the current season launched, it’s literally bad enough to cause seizures. I took a picture but the site won’t let me post it.
Happens to be regularly in Reach and it’s happened twice in 3. I’m playing on Series X btw. This seriously needs a patch quick. It not only massively hurts the playability of the game but it’s also a huge seizure risk.

Did it happen for you in the Halo 3 Campaign? On what level?

Playing halo reach getting crazy texture issues and random dashboarding in games since season 8. Skins turned off