Scrap sbmm entirely, fix leveling, and scrap armor coatings

It sucks. Sbmm is going lose many players simply because of how bad it is. I’d play one match then get thrown in with the sweatiest players ever. Or, they’ll be total bots for the first match. It’s definitely one of the worst things. That, and the banshees does no damage, and I have stabbed so many people with the energy sword just for them to SURVIVE THEN KILL ME WITH A ROCKET LAUNCHER. 343i, scrap sbmm in it’s entirety. It doesn’t belong. And also, 343 promised reach level armor customization, but I can’t choose my own colors or emblem design? And how the battle pass is set up is fine, idc about the challenges, but just change the level to level so requirement back to the 500xp it was in the beta. AND GIVE ME MY MEGA CONSTRUX VEHICLE SKINS. I WAS SUPPOSED TO GET THOSE WHEN IT CAME OUT, AND I STILL HAVEN’T GOTTEN THEM. AND IF YOU’RE SO ADAMANT ABOUT THE ARMOR COATINGS, AT LEAST GIVE ALL THE TECH PREVIEW PLAYERS EVERYTHING THEY HAD IN THE TECH PREVIEW BACK. WE SPENT TIME GETTING THOSE, JUST TO HAVE THEM TAKEN AWAY AND US HAVING TO SPEND MONEY ON STUFF WE ALREADY EARNED. Like seriously, SBMM is one of the reasons why a lot of people hate COD and Apex. It doesn’t work. You get a few lucky matches, then you’re screwed for the rest of the day. fix the game 343. I don’t these to be the reason infinite fails, but they’re going to be.

More people will read your post if you add some paragraphs. And don’t yell/rant so much.

SBMM is essential. We can argue the best way to implement it… but getting rid of it makes thing so much worse. It belongs.

Not sure what you mean by ‘lucky’ matches (I assume ones where you dominate). But the aim of SBMM is to create even matches for everyone to have fun.

‘Missed’ sword kills / melees are often just mis-timed. Have you had a look at the replay of any of them to see if things didn’t pan out as you remember them in the heat of the moment? Or the game could have just been a bit laggy at that point.

Colours are the price of a FTP ten year service. Something had to give. At least it’s not pay to win.

XP seems to be ticking over nicely now. I’ve gone up 5 levels in a couple of days without even trying. A bit extra for the win (or playing ‘x’ number of games in a day) would be nice.

You can’t expect stuff from the tech preview. It was stated loud and clear those things were just on loan. Cleary. Before they started.

It is likely this. The net code for this game is problematic to say the least. I have died around corners more often in one week than I should in a month if the net code was done well. Most of the time my latency is <80ms. It simply shouldn’t be occurring. (At least at the frequency it is occurring)

I agree with the rest of your points besides the coatings. I think they could’ve made them more customizable while still monetizing them. Say, through selling textures. Even if there’s only 10 textures, once someone finds their setting for a color coating, they’re likely to stop buying them anyways.

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