scouting tips?

i’m having trouble with scouting;
whenever i try to scout, i never seem to have my initial starting ghost/chopper/Hog and i have to make a new one,
but if i make a new one, it somehow takes too many resources away from me and hinders production of my army

and also, one i do pull a scout out, if i drive it over to the enemy’s base, it always get blown up by their army or turrets before i can see everything

Try keeping your initial scout alive, or go some gunner hogs at the start and leave one alive for scouting. If you have no idea what your enemy is doing, those 150 resources are worth it.

Getting to the base shouldn’t be that hard, just scout from the side or from the back. Plus, scouting their army is almost the same thing as scouting their base. At least you’ll know what they are building.