Scorpion tank marines

Can the seat capability return, as it makes the tank useless without it. Marines are a big help in the game, and gameplay is missed out if using the tank.

Also allow players Spartans to use tank seats when co-op is added.


This really irked me in Campaign. I want to be able to load up my tank with marines that have Rocket Launchers and other power weapons. Adding this to the fact that marines can’t drive vehicles? An update can’t come soon enough.


I really don’t understand why this was removed. Loading up a scorpion in Assault on the Control Room, Delta Halo, Kizingo Boulevard or the Ark are some of my favorite Halo memories.


The Devs have made it official that marines squads are a feature in this, by introducing the warthog transport, and emphasizing that by removing Scorpion seats.

However that was the wrong way to do implement marine squads. It would have been more simple to Halo Reach HUD Squads, so we actually know if the marines are following.
And lots of troop vehicles.
Warthog transport, Scorpion and Falcon.

Ideally this halo world is actually big enough to use a pelican, but that is never going to happen because of how central to the plot the pelican is.

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What would be nice is if they implemented the ping system in campaign to have marines focus fire on an enemy, or hop into an empty vehicle, would be useful on harder difficulties and missions


Not only that. The removal of Spartans seats was irritating, but now marine seats.

Let the player have choice, the Devs are too controlling.

For example the Razorback was in halo 3, yet Devs refused to let us drive it in campaign or multiplayer.

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There’s always DLC I guess for Pelicans. I’ve always wanted a large scale multiplayer mode with Pelicans, Phantoms and Spirits. Maybe we will get one some day. Either in this game or the next. (Hopefully not just in some Battle Royale though.)

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Global Battle, the mega version of Big Team Battle has been in the works since Halo 3, and despite good mod versions of it in CE custom edition with LongSwords or Halo Reach mods, the closest thing to it was Warzone, a complete misinterpretation of what BTB fans wanted.

Well, that wasn’t the Razorback, it was the M831 Troop Warthog,

Same thing, just slightly different design.
Like how a Grizzly is a Scorpion.

I agree that the tank feels empty without friends, but useless? The tank is an OP mother lover.

Actually on Heroic enemies overwhelm vehicles rapidly, marines act as distractions and extra damage.

Interesting. I completed this game on legendary and never felt overwhelmed when in the tank. The forts would get a bit dicey but I would clean up from far away and then go in and mop up the rest. If the tank died it was a sacrifice well made since most of the enemies were now dead and I could call another one down from a FOB for my next adventure.

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Well one of the aspects I’ve always liked about Halo was co-op, whether players or marines. It just felt brpken without them. So much of the map isn’t traversable for vehicles due to the terrain, and the few opportunities to use the tank were demoralising, as the marines wouldn’t sit on the treads.

This is what made Destiny feel lonely, no ai allies.

And on a side issue, the world of the game is eerily similar to Halo CE front cover, despite marines losing their ability to drive, and terrain not being flat. The escape pods really adds to this theory.