scorpion question

OK I have been playing since this first came out but i have never figured out how people get scorpions so fast it takes me like 5-8 minutes just to get one out. So im wondering how do people get like an army of tanks super fast.

Average time for a first Tank with an expo is going to be close to 4-5mins depending on the build, so you’re not too far off the mark. What you’re probably getting flustered about is a down-tech Cani build. With this, someone can double-pump Tanks while getting an early Canister upgrade and this can be done from a single-base as well as a double-base. Don’t look at how early you get Tanks as a marker for being a good Tank builder, but pay the most attention to how many Tanks you have and with what upgrades.

PT should be done no later than 11mins (with expo) and you would be close to a max-pop. If you’re not reaching this, then you’re too far behind.