Scorpion Kills not counting (again)

Today I’ve played quite a bit, and have at least 2 Scorpion kills from games on Longbow. But yet again I see they dont update on the site. This isn’t the first, second or third time I’ve had this. I keep a record of how far I am on each commendation. I started the day with 46/75 on the final lvl for Scorpions, but I’m still there now. They dont update later, for some reason they just dont update period.

I’ve got the video of one of them clearly, I punch the back of the tank, and it explodes giving me vehicle kill, destroyed vehicle, and (another one Revenge?) 30 points, but it doesn’t update?

I’ll bet its to do with the lame way it saves the stats, and if someone glitches the stats get lost.

Hmmm never had this issue…
Still not updated?

Sadly, it’s because it won’t count under the following circumstances:

  1. It’s a Kill from the Grave. Won’t count.
  2. It’s punched from the back, resulting in it’s destruction explosion.

What does count:

  1. Boarding on the front and planting a grenade.
  2. Throwing grenades or other explosives on the tank until it, too, explodes.
  3. Fill it with enough lead to warrant its explosion.

This isn’t just the tank that has that problem. It also doesn’t count for Wraiths and Mantises unless you board and USE A GRENADE. Punching NEVER WORKS. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had the same issue when I was trying to master it back in December I think, or was it January?

thanks for that I never realised

> thanks for that I never realised

It shouldn’t happen.