Scorpion gun discussion

Is there anyone who thinks 343 industries should give the secret scorpion gun a form or shape in other words a design

I was under the impression the scorpion bug was patched out

@Trand0 I thought so too, but I only finished the campaign on normal, and haven’t touched it since then (nor have I used the scorpion gun bug).

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I hope it never gets patched out I think it’s an awesome secret weapon if it does get patched out then hopefully they will make it accessible by using a skull they could add to the game much like the scarab gun in halo 2


I agree that it’s a cool part, but the Scarab Gun was an intentional Easter Egg whereas the Scorpion turret is not.

It’s cool, but it is an exploit

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I think they should give the Scorpion Gun a model and make it a skull you can activate.

P.S. I cheesed LASO with the Scorpion Gun lol.

PErsonally I think it should be kept in but changed.

Instead of the glitch gun we find have it be a power weapon we can find that is a shoulder mounted one similar to the image here

Give it a new look and an explanation in lore. Something like a spartan IV prototype weapon.


Ex17 Grendal canon
info: a shoulder mounted electromagnetic canon that fires 20mm slugs at high speeds dealing damage comparable to a scorpions main gun with a bit weaker blast radius.
gameplay: a shoulder mounted weapon with a 4 round mag and 24 spare rounds. can only be reloaded from power weapon ammo boxes, and as the gun can only be gained once from the destroyed husk of a cyclops (replacing the defense turret you get the current gun from.) ammo is rare.

Finding it

The Ex17 is found in the scrap heap on the first level (earlier then the scorp canon) in the remains of a sniper cyclops two grunts are trying to rip the arm off. Chief can pick it up then, once it is dropped though it can’t be picked up again.

I don’t agree with it having a limited ammo count I like the fact that it is unlimited like I said if it gets patched then i would just make it a skull that you the player could find and activate

All the vehicle guns are technically guns that could get picked up, if they got put in the world. They are typically however not put in the world and vehicles don’t drop them. The reason they don’t have a visual appearance is that due to the way this is implemented in the Slipstream engine (or previous Halo engines) they would then also show up when riding in vehicles (which would make no sense given that we see those in third person view).

I base this off a YouTube video by a modder who spawned all of those weapons in during a custom match on his local PC. So not just the scorpion gun but also the guns for the ghost, wasp, etc.

Currently it seems the Scorpion gun is still obtainable. I would not say it’s an exploit per se. It is there in the world and not obtained through a glitch. However it does not seem it was added (or left there) intentionally but rather is likely an oversight left behind from modelling the world.

Given that regular players who don’t come across it in forums or videos are unlikely to stumble upon it on their own, I think they might just as well leave it in now. People are having fun with it, so why take it away? It’s different from other bugs/exploits which actually happen to players by chance and might break the game for them (e.g. glitching through walls with the grapple-pound and ending up under the world or inside a container).

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Its an optional weapon
It’s reasonably difficult to find
No one would have cared in the day before achiev… arbitrary BS numbers were a thing

Leave it alone intentional or not it adds fun to the single player game and as far as it damaging the ABSN for LASO, I present: The Bandana skull. Which is required for LASO.

I’m working on my second 100% playthrough, this time on LASO. Can confirm the scorpion turret is still available.

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No it’s not. Start a new campaign and you can get it when you first see daylight at outpost tremonious

Im pretty sure this weapon was intentionally added in to help with laso and speed runs, and the lack of mission replay feature…


I missed all the campaign skulls on my first playtrough so just yesterday started a new save to get them. Finished the campaign on easy in less than 3 hours. I had the scorpion gun so it was basically a speedrun.

Besides, the bosses are extremely difficult enough on base legendary without skulls because of how they tank even the most powerful weapons. I dont even wanna imagine it with LASO. The gun would help here, some bosses even require more than 3 shots.

The gun is fine as it is, its op yes, But at the same time is slow, cant shoot downwards and most of the time the shot explodes on your face. And it also locks you to basic movement mechanics and cant melee at all.

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I mean, Bungie and everybody knew about the Sgt. Johnson unlimited ammo Spartan Laser for years and that never got patched out. Even though the Spartan Laser wasn’t exactly a random, non-intentional weapon, I think the Scorpion Cannon should stay. It’s not really hurting anything since fun is up to the interpretation of the player.

You think it makes the game too easy? Just don’t pick it up, simple as that. It’s not like it’s a weapon that’s forced upon you, you have to actually go get it and it’s a little bit out of the way of normal gameplay.

I’m never a fan of taking something out because (x) players think it ‘ruins the experience’ when using it is completely dependent on the player. Too many games have done this in the past and I despise it. You’re essentially killing the fun for one group because another group made some complaints despite the fact they could have just opted not to use whatever they were complaining about.

I’m doing my LASO run. I used the Scorpion Gun in the open world until I got the homing rocket launcher. I immediately regretted ditching the Scorpion gun when I first fought the hunters in the Nexus :smile:

Wait… how is it NOT an Easter Egg?

Someone had to PUT A SCORPION GUN on that frigate cannon on purpose !
It despawns if you leave Fort Tremonious without grabbing it, so you can only get it then and there and not double back for it hen the open-world portion begins.

I believe it was officially referred to as a bug.

I dunno exactly how it works under the hood, just that it’s not actually meant to be in the game.

My guess is that the turret was once a functional piece, or at least controlled via AI kinda like the Reach AA turrets were, some scripting is off allowing the chief to “enter it” as there is a brief moment before it “equips”.

I agree that there should be some official way of accessing it after patch, but it’s kinda game breaking.

Make it a skull at least.
It is FUN AS HELL !!


I think it should stay as is. No one is going to find it unless they look it up.

I am against giving it a design, shape or form. I don’t think it should be a weapon you can find scattered across the world like anything else. I cannot imagine enemies or marines running around with a scorpion turret on their hands. How is the gun even supposed to work to begin with?

There are also a ton of glitches, exploits, and game-breaking things you can do in previous Halo games too, so that point is kinda moot to me.

Twice during my playthroughs (once at the end of the game post-credits) and again later (after the start of the mission Pelican Down) I had the Scorpion Gun removed from my hands as a scripted save happened. I’m not sure why or how but it is really frustrating that even if it were possible to see, I can’t tell whether or not I have it anymore. I do like it and think it’s funny so I think it should stay in at least.