Scorpion gun + Bandana = easy Laso?

Has anyone used the scorpion gun on the Laso Run? Keeping this gun with a sword sounds like an easy Way to complete Laso.

Bandana removes cooldown from eq and gives you Infinite ammo.

Shield recharge on melee with grapple hook spamming sounds like a lot of fun. :smiley:
Atm i Do my Run afap to get the less than 8h achievement and feel like spoderman with the active Bandana skull :smiley:

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I did the campaign in 4h 20m 55s, you can skip most of the game. The grapple shot breaks the game.


I just completed my LASO run. Tank gun, sword, dynamos and grapple is all you need. 3 hours 30 min


I JUST learned about the scorpion gun today.

So compared to 1 2 and 3, hkw hard was laso? Overall the campaign felt like mostly halo 3 difficulty at most? Except the bosses full on turned i to fricking h2a laos xD

Atm im on my 2nd runthrougj on easy to get all collectibles, and plan on doing the speedrun then finally laso.

Any tips?

Does the synamo grenade just stun everything? I didnt use it nearly as much in my legendary run bit noticing on easy everythin seems to just get stunned

Wait i thought skulls “diasabled” achievemnts? The message that pops up even says it wont save or unlock achievements with skulls? O.o

Honestly LASO was easier than just normal legendary. If you just use those items it’s super easy. Tank gun dominates all hard enemies and you can use the dynamos/sword/grapple to skip a lot of rooms and speed run. Skulls don’t disable the achievements in this game


I think it’s fun. I feel like Spider Man.


i used a a skewer and sniper for my Laso run.

Ive seen a clipof someone doing laso with a rocket launcher in the first mission. Anyone know where it is?

I can’t wait to see LASO Speedruns with these easter eggs

The brutes on the first mission carry rockets and heatwaves

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I know it’s an Easter Egg deliberately placed into the game but it cheapens the LASO and even basic legendary campaign runs. If it wasn’t for YouTube, 99.99% of people would never find this but as a result, Joe Average is blitzing legendary in 2 hours. It should only appear once the campaign has been completed with regular LASO.


I’m not sure dude, LASO is just laboursome. It’s never been about skill or execution as much as it’s been about exploits and strategies. A lot of the players who do LASO just follow guides. At least now it’s possible for all players to do LASO without a guide on how to despawn enemies or skip rooms.


Yeah tbf for my first legendary run I’ll never use speedrun exploits or eastereggs like this, but when it comes to LASO all bets are off and I’ll happily break the game lol. That said when I heard there is bandana & no iron skull my immediate thought was “this will be the easiest SLASO ever”. I don’t mind that too much though tbf cause I look forward to trying it


Is the timed run any difficulty? I want to do Ledge first then move to the other trophy’s.

Nah the game can be completed in 2-3 hours very easily.

I did it during my 2nd run through getting all the mission
collectibles on easy. So yes, can be done on easy and is rather easy.

Hell im on mission 8 on my laso run and my time according to the file is just over 2 hours? I think it doesn’t count death?because id been doing laso for 6 hours, so im guessing unlike lost halos where time carries over, if you die the time reverts back as well

Dropped by the brutes at the elevator.

What does Ledge mean?

Legendary is what it means