Scorpion Easter Eggs

Hey everybody! I’m FTM999, and I just happened to be fooling around in Forge today with the Scorpion. Blowing stuff up, mowing over land mines, etc. Eventually I decided to take a look at the Scorpion’s design itself, and made three discoveries. I’m ranking them in order of least important to most important.

  1. I noticed that the skull design on the side is also on the muzzle of the cannon. Yeah, I’m probably late to the party in that one.
  2. I noticed that the “BIG SCARY LASER” sticker from the Spartan Laser is on the side of the cannon, right above the driver’s seat. It’s tilted sideways, but still pretty easy to read with even just a DMR or Battle Rifle. I’ll post a screenshot if it in my File Share soon, my GamerTag is FTM999.
  3. I found a Back to the Future reference! There is a very small sticker on the side of the tank, towards the back, that reads- “ELECTRIC SHOCK RISK- 1.21 GW”. For those of you unfamiliar with the movie, 1.21 gigawatts was the amount of power that the professor needed to power his time machine. This a great little sticker, but it’s definitely little. I needed a Sniper Rifle to view it properly. I’ll definitely post a screenshot of this in my File Share, so please check it out! Also, go ahead and take your own screenshots. You probably won’t like mine a lot. For confirmation, my GamerTag is FTM999, and they will be screenshots, not films.

That’s really cool :slight_smile: You have good eyes. I’m still amazed by the scorpion on the side (yeah, I’m simple).

I like the back to the future reference. Theres also one in Crysis 2 where your suit warns you about the risk and “ELECTRIC SHOCK RISK- 1.21 GW” flashes on your HUD. But that one would actually kill you if you weren’t careful to avoid the shock.

Ha did not see that last one, now I gotta go find it.

I miss the scorpion’s ensignia :’(