Scorpion Destroyer not increasing, glitch?

Ok, I’m not sure if this is a common glitch but I have been stuck at 2/6 on my Scorpion Destroyer commendation (currently I am at level Scorpion Destroyer - Proficient [1/5]). I keep getting destroyed vehicle medals when I destroy Scorpions on Exile but my commendation progress does not increase.

Anyone else have this problem?

I’m not sure whats wontg with but I’m not getting it either

I honestly don’t care if they increase or not, but I do keep count:

Perfection - Logged: 0. Actual: 4.
Scorpions destroyed - Logged: 0. Actual: 9. All on Exile.

Like I said though, I figure it’ll get fixed, that and I’m too busy trying to help my teammates to really care that much about a commendation…

Ive got the exact same problem. My scorpion destroyer commendations stuck on 4/6, im on level
scorpion destroyer -Proficient 1/5.
I made a video of the last 2 destroyers that clearly show I destroyed them and recieved destroyed vehicle medals, commendation didn’t go up at all, totally stuck on 4/6.
Id like to complete the game, its frustrating!
Theres no point destroying scorpions or playing in Exile.
I hope they fix it soon.

I have the same problem. I know I destroyed 3 scorpion tanks and my count still says 0/27. I hope this is fixed soon, otherwise I’ll stop playing till the next round of achievements becomes available. I not going to strain myself for something that doesn’t work.

hey guys can sombody tell me.if im destroying a vehicle. that it counts that i destroyed a vehicle from the grave. thanks;)

I believe we need clarification on when the kill for the tank is registered. I think the issue is when the tank is subjected to a melee attack or grenade plant, it appears to not add towards the commendation.

I was at 8/9 Scorpion kills. Over the course of a few games, I killed two tanks with grenade plants, one with melee, and the commendation counter did not increase.

Just finished a game where my thrown grenade killed the tank and I’m now at Expert 0/27.

This is strange, because I’m almost positive for Mantis melee kills and grenade plants, the commendation counter increases.

What gamemode were those perfections in?
It DOESNT work in Capture The Flag or Dominion.

But to the main topic, Ive had the same glitch with Mantis Destroyer, and Scorpion Destroyer.
It seems when you board vehicles it does not count as a vehicle kill.

Idk about you guys, but i have this problem with the warthog destroyer. Theyre all registered as destroyed vehicles and I never board them! I just keep chucking grenades until both player and vehicle are destroyed. So why I haz no commendation?