Scorpion Canister

Feel like the Canister ability for Tanks on anti vehicle is too deadly. What’s the point of even building cyclops when all they do is Y the entire army down in one second. Person I just played did literally nothing but pump tanks and eventually won when I built the direct counter the entire time. Pretty stupid imo

Also seems like diminishing returns system is still broken. If I have 2-3 bases up to his 1 for the majority of the match I should have a huge advantage but no

I’ve made posts on this before, but in order for T3 heavy vehicles to be viable they need to be able to deal with anti-vehicle infantry to some extent; otherwise there’s literally no reason to go in on the massive supply and energy investments to build tanks.

I have a very in depth look at this issue here:

They already nerfed canister shell to a degree. Just don’t clump your units.