scoring system faulted?

Hey, so SOMEBODY has to have brought this up, but I’m doing it again.

Why is the scoring system so out of whack? Why is it when I get 40 kills on Heavies, my post game only says 28? Or some other random number.

This is truly annoying. Especially when it’s a kills based challenge.

It also works in reverse at times, 15 kills has turned into 20+ on a fair few occasions.

Would be great if this was fixed.

In heaviest certain kills net you 2 points. Things like headshots, melees, splatters, etc.

It’s intentional.

That’s all well and good. I actually didn’t know that, however my post is still valid on the fact that long before heavies came around, I’d get more or less in the carnage report than what I got in the actual game.

Blowing up vehicles also adds an extra point to your tally vice just a kill. It’s all quite intentional and not a glitch of any sort.

To go a little in-depth.

The score board when you press the back button in Reach is NOT just kills in Slayer game modes, it is purely point based, in normal game modes, you get ONE point for ONE kill.

However, in Heavies, you get bonuses for getting vehicle kills, blowing up vehicles, sticky kills, assassinations, a lot.

This is why you are getting 40 points but 28 kills.