Score Attack

Since I don’t see an overall “feedback” thread like on, I guess i’ll make a thread here instead (I know Score Attack isn’t quite multiplayer but it’s still “matchmaking”.

Ever since the addition of “2X Score Attack” (which at the time was fantastic btw!), Score Attack has otherwise been neglected ever since. Unfortunately, one of the most frustrating parts about Score Attack currently is that everything (both “challenge” varients and “fun” varients" are thrown into one playlist, and at times voting rounds can be absolutely ridiculous e.g.:

-Score Attack
-Mythic Attack

  1. Something I never understood is WHY a voting round like this even appears as often as it does? Why do we need BOTH Score Attack and Mythic Attack appearing in the same round? Mythic Attack IS just Score Attack with Mythic Skull on. Where’s the variety?

  2. Secondly, like I said above; why is everything thrown into the one playlist? Given that it’s a “single player” playlist, it wouldn’t hurt to have a “Survival/Challenge” style playlist and a “fun/arcade” type playlist like how Firefight was split into “Firefight Limited” and “Firefight Arcade”.

  3. Something that a lot of people have wanted is more variety from the standard Score Attack match in itself. There’s so many possibilities, and it seems like such a waste to JUST have Score Attack available for those who want to be able to play solo to be limited to the exact same “formula” at least for the most part (i.e. ALL Grunt’s, ALL Jackal’s, ALL Brute’s, ALL Skirmishers (and yes there is differences in the boss wave at least).

  4. While I don’t think some of the varients are OVERLY difficult, I find them tedious because of the fact that unlike progressive actual Firefight matches we have a huge disadvantage which makes them more annoying than anything else:

Score Attack:
-ALWAYS Cloud Skull (slowing things down and injunction with the “full waves of enemies such as Skirmishers” makes it all the more annoying than fun)
-One player
-Overshield ONLY in 2X Score Attack(/Fiesta Attack) and Crashsite (i.e. not in Rocket Attack, Sniper Attack or FRG Attack)
-Limited Ammo
-Static enemy appearances (aside from Boss Waves and enemy specific varients)

Firefight Arcade:
-Radar active for 2 rounds
-Enemy attention focused on FOUR players
-Overshield in EVERY varient
-Unlimited Ammo
-Dynamic enemy appearances.

I find it odd that the playlist where you’re already at a disadvantage being alone; that even in the more relaxed 2X score attack etc - that those differences exist.


  1. A “Challenge/Survival” Score Attack playlist, and an “Arcade/fun style” Score Attack playlist (there should be no real problem with “splitting the population” and it just makes it easier for us to select the type of gameplay we want.

  2. More variety (e.g. Plasma Attack etc)

  3. Arcade Attack - People have requested on forums (especially toward the end and with the appearance of Firefight Doubles) that a refined tweaked Arcadefight (or Arcade “Attack”) should appear. Yes have SOME of the same varients, but throw in longer games also. This would also mean less monotomy of enemy appearances.

  4. Remove Cloud Skull for SOME varients. IMO it makes more sense to have that on when you’ve got multiple players watching your back or on challenge varients. Otherwise it slows down action and even on 2X Score Attack you can be put on the slow defensive against still formidable Skirmishers and Spec-Op’s Elites).

  5. Unlimited Ammo (esp in the absence of “Arcade Attack”). We already have unlimited ammo for most weapons anyway, hell I don’t mind if “Weapon Drop’s” are disabled on 2X Score Attack (so people obviously don’t just use unlimited power weapons) to make it work, but at least on varient like that (aside from Crashsite) would be nice.

  6. Unlimited Ammo (and weapon pickup disabled) in Fiesta ATTACK. Otherwise it seems like a waste.

I wouldn’t expect everyone to necessarily agree but I feel at least some of that should be considered coz like i’ve said: Score Attack’s been neglected for far too long and it could be better.

I would post this here: Official Feedback Thread Link

It’s a pinned thread that 343 monitors.