Score Attack Update: Possible Improvements


~ Set the accuracy of the red skull to normal. The skirmishers are already powerful enough with their improved hearing and eyesight.

~ To make up for this set damage to 90%.

Fiesta Attack:

~ Give players one weapon that they know such as a DMR or a pistol… This removes the chance of players being given a plasma pistol and spiker to fight hunters.

~ Keep unlimited ammo off but set weapon pickup to none as not to hurt the integrity of the gametype.

In addition the map / gametype selection system could use some work. I suggest taking advantage of the 3 slot system.

1st slot :

60% chance score attack
40% chance 2X score attack

2nd slot:

65% chance Gruntpocalypse
35% chance skirmigeddon
3rd slot:

20% chance Crash Site
20% chance Sniper Attack
20% chance FRG Attack
20% chance Rocket Attack
10% chance Mythic Attack
10% chance Fiesta Attack

I don’t think fiesta should be changed, its fine the way it is.

Also, Bungie manages the playlists. 343 manages updates to the game and DLC.

right. well since I’m banned on I might as well.

Fiesta attack doesn’t really need an update. it’s just annoying that if you spawn with bad weapons you’re screwed, and if you spawn with rockets or low ammo guns, you’re screwed.

There are very good guns to spawn with in Fiesta attack