Scoping out when you get shot

Bring this back like in previous Halo titles. I hate how you can just stay scoped in with a sniper while you are getting shot at it makes sniping ridiculously easy. This also goes for all the weapons that have a scope.

I have to agree as well. It makes no sense why the removed it.

It really makes no sense. I don’t even like challenging snipers anymore because no matter how perfect my shots are they always end up ripping my face off.

Agreed. It worked just fine in previous titles to knock others out of scope. I don’t get why they felt they needed to remove it. Sniping is just too simple now.

Bring it back. Cross mapping is becoming who sees who first wins due to the absence of this feature. Lower aim assist while you’re at it (that’s why BR, DMR and snipe are easy to use).

Just another way of morphing the game into a generic FPS.

I don’t have a problem with it due to flinch. I always 5sk snipers. Keep moving and hit that 5sk, easy peasy.

it is fun to out dmr a sniper tho that cant hit you even with an always staying scope- choke da choke da choke da choke!

I seem to have the opposite problem, I find it hard to fight back when I’m in scope. At least when it took you out of scope your crosshair was in the same place. Now when you get shot your scope bounces all over the place. I have no problem killing a sniper because he can’t shoot back.

> Bring it back. Cross mapping is becoming who sees who first wins due to the absence of this feature. Lower aim assist while you’re at it (that’s why BR, DMR and snipe are easy to use).


I absolutely agree. Not only would this make it easier to challenge snipers, it would also balance out the DMR quite well. You could no longer just sit back and snipe people with the DMR, because someone with the BR or any other weapon could return a few shots your way and throw you off target. I think this would be VERY good especially for maps like Ragnarok where the DMR completely dominates. Right now big maps just aren’t fun to play, because no one actually uses the maps to their full potential. Everyone’s just sitting on a rock somewhere picking off dudes with their DMRs. And the second you go out in the open (or if you happen to spawn there) you’ll be ripped to shreds.

you see 343i wanted to haul in those unexperienced gamers in to halo 4 and in doing so they didn’t cater to the hardcore fans…

don’t get your hopes up…
343i won’t listen seeing as they’re bathing in their money right now…
soon they’ll be releasing a halo game every year

I’m fine with it. I can still counter-snipe Sniper Rifle users with the DMR and BR due to the flinch mechanic. I honestly found sniping too difficult on large maps when someone would spot me while trying to line up a shot. All of a suudden I get hit with a few measly pistol rounds and I can’t aim anymore. With flinch, in my experience, both players have an equal chance at winning a one on one firefight. I haven’t been a in a match yet where I was sniped while counter-sniping with my BR. Keep it the way it is.

Sniping if way too easy in this game. If you ever see me in matchmaking with a sniper, please challenge me I will rip your face off.

Not gonna happen.

I really doubt they’ll change this, but I would like to note that I very much agree with the OP. It almost makes sniping too simple. I want more of a challenge.

Um, 343 removed scope out to make the game easier for noobs = think people - think.

Easier = better for the casual audience. Gameplay is unimportant as long as Halo 4 sells to a broader mart - IE the casual market. Get with the program.

The easier the game becomes = more copies of Halo 4 sold = more profits for Microsoft.

At least they have flinch which is a factor, not having that would have made your case stronger. For me either or I don’t mind, maybe de scope is a more realistic method but this is Halo after all.