Scope glow, why do we have this?

Get rid of it! Why does the sniper have a spotlight attachment? If you have to shine a spotlight across the map every time you ads, then you may as well go all in.

I propose than when you ads, the spotlight strobes multiple colors and a fog begins to disperse around the shooters area. As the shooter continues to ads, techno music plays and a disco ball in lowered into the fog. Then a laser show begins. The laser and light show reflects off the disco ball and bubbles are emitted.

This way, using the sniper will be 100% guaranteed to get noticed by everyone in the match and draw even more attention to shut it off!


This was so random that I loved it. Thank you.

I agree, the scope glint on all of the guns is a little ridiculous. Maybe it should be a little pulsing flash and not just a solid, piercing light.

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I completely agree i dont know why when i grab a sniper i gotta also give away my position with a giant spot light totally turns me off from grabbing it sometimes

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I feel like they should abandon it all together. NO other Halo game had this. Between scope glow, outlines that can be scene from across the map, and blinding shield glow, Halo infinite has basically put training wheels on everyone. You don’t even have to pay attention to find who you’re looking for.

It’s basically a death sentence, unless you’re great at no-scoping. Every one of your foes with be directing their fire towards you once you fire up that spotlight!

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I like scope glow, in the past it was mad op

It wasn’t as bright in past games. Now I can’t even see the person behind the light.