Scope glint to powerful?

After countless battles and multiple matches one thing has been clear, when engaging an enemy from afar their glint is hardly an advantage anymore. Besides straining the eyes it can be difficult to determine where exactly head level is.

Anyone else feel when scoped in the glimmer shouldn’t feel like a spot light? That it should be the size of the scope?


Ngl I have a hard time because of the glare as it covers most of the body so unless you have a scoped weapon you will miss a few shots because of the glare

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it should be there, but less obvious.
also… they should be differing. there’s like two colors, red and white, and the glint is shared between the
stalker, shock, hydra, and skewer
and the sniper/br
i cannot tell you the amount of times i though i was against one weapon, well low and behold, it was a different weapon. the glint shouldn’t be blocking the outline of the player/weapon


I really don’t think it should be in Halo. Especially since Spartans don’t even actually use the scope and it’s their visors zooming in appropriately. And it’s not like say Battlefield where everyone can be a sniper, at most there’s two and that’s a stretch. It’s really not needed.


Btb is probably the only time it seems even remotely necessary, but even then its like scope out when hit or give away position both aren’t needed.

I don’t think it should be there at all. A bullet smoke trail is more than enough.

it needs to go. If they want to keep it at reduced level for BTB I can understand that, but in 4v4 is a solution searching for a problem. It is not hard to figure out who and where the sniper is. The only thing glare does is make it harder to counter them because it is so bright.

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I can see on tactical with behemoth maybe, as people blend into the distance at times. But definitely needs to reduce the glimmer to the scope or something through your scope.