Scope Glint Should Go

Originally this was about descope, but I think the real problem is the glint. It’s really a bad inclusion. No one likes it.


Nope. It’s there for a reason.


My biggest problem with descope, are weapons such as the AR have almost unlimited rage, the enemy can just spray in your direction from the other side of the map, and make it close to impossible to use the scope for a sniper or any zoom rifle, the AR needs a range reduction, that’s my opinion. Maybe just increase flinch to make it more of a challenge.


Plenty of us love the feature. Now or:

Imo It is essential.
The sniper should get a better trail and drop lense flare I think.
And the ranges on other weapons need editing to reinforce the utilities.

Absolutely not

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go play halo 4


Uh oh…

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Please don’t.

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“I want to be able to one shot people at range with no disadvantages”

Hang on did we just get trolled? :laughing:

No. Descope wouldn’t be bad if scope glint was removed.

Uhh. We freaking nead auto descope to reload when pressing fire if empty when zoomed in. If anything. I miss that.

changing topics mid-thread is uncool.