Scope glare has no business in Halo

It does not feel like an evolution to the game, it feels like a solution looking for a problem. I’ve even noticed it with BRs, what was the game choice for this?

It should be removed.


Absolutely. Even on snipers it’s unnecessary. The long white bullet line was always enough to give your position away. Now, you turn into a beacon for everyone to see even through trees when you can’t see them. This isn’t COD or Battlefield, stop adding things to Halo that it doesn’t need. I especially think it’s overboard to have it on non-sniper weapons. Easily my most hated ‘feature.’


They did it to make the game easier for the newcomers. Why they also made no collision, no headshot bonus, vehicle doomed state, no punishment for running away and probably more I’m not thinking of.


I cannot believe they actually added scope glare for the BR. If someone told me that years ago I’d laugh at them


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I dont mind it on snipers, but why in Tarnation do weapons like the BR and Stalker rifle have It? It actually just makes me think someone has sniper. its very confusing



better idea: give good argument.


I didn’t argue. I gave a suggestion. It’s not 2007 anymore. Games change. Comparing everything you don’t like to CoD and Battlefield is childish and annoying.

I know it doesn’t count, but vote is to remove it from all power weapons.

Well it’s been around since H5, so time for a retroactive laugh.

I enjoy the lens flare. In H5 it was way too flashy, but this time around it’s more subtle. In general the visual noise from H5 is heavily reduced which is much appreciated. Without thrusters as a base ability the lens flare doesn’t detract from the sniping experience. Players caught down range don’t have to many options to escape unless they get lucky during their escape.

The handling and general feel of the sniper is very punishing. Shots have less bullet correction from my experience and puts a larger emphasis on accuracy unseen before in a Halo game. Up to you if that’s a positive or negative.

Yeah, games change, change isn’t always better, and yes, somethings doesn’t have place in this game.
One extreme example: in a new Halo they add a loadout system like in COD, it shouldn’t have to be criticized because games change and others games do it bla bla?

Because it’s literally where these game mechanics are from maybe?

If the sniper is any good (which I’m not) the glare won’t save you.

As for the BR glare… it’s kind of neither here nor there. You probably aren’t going to get killed from that distance. I guess it makes it easier to work out where they actually are (as opposed to just the direction). But meh… they need to move on (campers suck).

It’s so silly. Both for the sniper and the challenger.

The sniper glare is so bad that it actually hides the sniper’s entire body so you can’t even see their head for a headshot if youre trying to counter them with a scoped weapon.

Get this trash out of the game.


are you talking about on shields? halo has never had more headshot damage on shields and that’s a good thing


Ok I am wrong about that, reach kinda had it and something with the autos in H5. I have been playing halo wrong all my life.

I agree Lens glare on all weapons that have a scope is very unrealistic and doesn’t fit in halo at all. Halo has never had this to my knowledge, I know it’s in every game now but it takes the fun away from the person who took the effort to get the weapon with a scope to engage people at a distance where people can’t see them or engage them because they are too far. I’ve never like scope lens glares in videos but I do understand why it’s in games like call of duty or battlefield but it just doesn’t fit in halo in my opinion sense we get to fight for the weapons sense they are placed on the map to fight for control of.


I disagree.

In fact the differing levels of scope glare are actually a pretty neat touch.

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Agree. I have no idea why they added this. It makes sniping totally unfun because you are constantly descoped by fire because the scope glint lights you up like a flag.


When I see somone with a Shockrifle I actually have trouble getting their head because it is covered by the damn light. xd


Personally I don’t actually mind it for snipers; I think the player should always have as much information as possible, regardless of how good their eyes or hears happen to be. The game should be about out-thinking, outmaneuvering, and outsmarting your opponents, no about having good enough eyes, or more accurately a good enough screen and GPU, to notice a person on your screen that’s really far away. The flare makes it so I can at least know someone is trying to snipe at me, and make an attempt to avoid it. Getting repeatedly killed by snipers is just frustrating, and frustrating things should get mitigated, if not removed. removing the sniper wouldn’t be viable, as it is a good and fun weapon, so they mitigated the problem instead.

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