scope flickering when ads!!

just logged on and got into a match as soon as i ads its starts flickering like mad! going to give me epilepsy! anyone help me with this please ?

Hey, there.

Have you updated Windows to the latest version? This bug is a known issue with some versions, but updating the OS usually fixes it. If you don’t want to update, the article I linked has other solutions that allow you to fix the bug by installing just the relevant part of the update.

Hope this helps!

Hey I have this same issue but its on the MCC version of Halo CEA. I even rebinded my controls and switched ADS to spacebar and it still happens.

I have it now too. I am on steam. Switching weapons doesn’t work half the time too.

guess I will update windows…

I had this issue when I jumped on to play last night. A patch seems to have messed with something.

FIX: Validate the game via Steam. Stopped the problem immediately.

I can confirm after update that it all works again

Thanks for all the responses will have a look later thank you!!

Thanks guys I verified the game files and updated windows seems to have worked!