Scope Flare Needs to go

it should stay, if you look down the scope all the time it’s your problem. and it keep a balance. it’s a powerful weapon (can 1 shot kill) but as a flare. tell me it’s not fair.

Been saying this since day one. Its so bad on the snipers that you cant even see the person. Bring back the round trial and be done with it. Whole point of being a sniper is hiding and taking people out. Not as soon as you zoom in the entire map knows your location and take you out before you get a kill.


No other game has it.

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no. battlefield as it. and if its not a flare it’s a trace.

I have no problem with disagreement. I just would like to see some actual meat to the retort and not just a “Nah” that everyone can see. Vigg could have Nah’d to themself. If you’re going to respond at least have something to say, like you did. You actually contributed to the debate, not just threw up a wall.

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One thing I’ve noticed is the sniper glare being bright yellow.

I am colorblind and cannot tell reds apart, so I use Yellow enemy outlines.

They blend together and I’m unable to counter snipers.


I love when the power of a thousand suns gets beamed into my eyeballs anytime an enemy player looks down their scope at me. I didn’t want to be able to tell where their head was anyway. Whoever was responsible for this incredible game design decision should be promoted… maybe promoted twice! This kind of quality decision making could land someone right at the top of 343 some day.


That thing just reminded me of Predators! laser then death. Haha

Has what? If you’re saying descope, he already addressed that in his post. If you’re saying no other game has scope flare…hoo boy are you wrong.

The real problem is how lazy it looks. At least in BF it looks like an actual glint. In infinite they all look like massive flashlights.

Scope flare of course.