Schrödinger's warzone update

Well the update has simultaneously made the game better and worse. The party size limit reduces farming, but the new weapons are again super powerful and people use them to steam roll by just summoning req after req after req. The game has way too many one shot kill weapons. Like at least 51 of them. That’s only counting the hand held weapons and not the tanks. Today there have been a few games where I was close to the top of the board for my team and I couldn’t get past req level 3 while the other team was spamming wasps. Yes I could have called in a plasma pistol I know, some did and they were not too successful, Warzone is rarely a close game. It snowballs too quickly. I think the over powered reqs are a major reason for that. I think that the best change for warzone would be for it to have the req levels unlocked by overall points of both teams like invasion slayer was in halo reach. Both teams get access to the same levels at the same time. Individual players would still be able to raise their own req points faster and still be able to call in more stuff, but making req level unlocks equal among all players would greatly reduce the snowballing advantage that teams start to get early in the game.

That would make the game even
I don’t know how receptive most people would be to this idea however