How does this thing work? I know the shots bounce but they never hit their target. Is this weapon supposed to be a worse shotgun?

The base arena variant isn’t that great for bouncing off the floor or around corners. You have get close and treat it like a regular shotty to kill with one round. In warzone there are better variants with increased range and tracking around corners.

It’s best to try and use it as a shotgun and not “bounce” your shots off anything.

It’s really just a promethean shotgun, nothing really that unique about it.

It’s the reason why the Covenant never got a shotgun, and never needed one.

It’s just an orange shotgun that can bounce shots (probably shouldn’t) and can disintegrate enemies. That’s about it.

While it is known that bouncing Scattershot rounds can home in on nearby enemies, it’s important to know that shots that bounce off walls will do less damage compared to a direct hit.

It’s just a slightly different play style from a shotgun, faster rate of fire but has a shorter 1-hit-kill range than the UNSC shotgun.

Just rename it in your head from “Scattershot” to “RNG gun.”

It’s like a regular shotgun but with the bonus excitement of randomly not working sometimes…
Unless you have a good connection of course, then it’s basically a sniper.

I guess it makes sense from a lore-standpoint, as 343 originally introduced promethean weapons as being, “like the other weapons, but better.” Well, apparently the prometheans were jealous of how Bungie made Reach’s DMR the king of randomness, and wanted to 1-up them.

It’s a 3 shot kill weapon if you ricochet the shots very accurately. You can ricochet them pretty far though and it has a much better range than a shotgun even if shooting directly. I also had a game where I got quite a few kills with it on Scavenger. If someone is not coming straight at you, you have to lead them. It’s actually very similar to that of a plasma rifle, yet I found it’s harder to do given the lower rate of fire. I would like to practice with it more tbh. You should definitely check out the scattershot video on youtube by aozolai and compare it to his shotgun video. That’s what helped me.

The Scattershot has 3 Levels

  • Level 1 is in Arena and it has poor bouncing capabilities but its powerful if you zoom in. - Level 2 has a larger amount of ammo. - Level 3 has advance tracking capabilities that can kill at medium range. The shots act like heat seeking missile that bounce off any surface that kills in two shots. If you zoom in it can kill in one at a 50% chance.