Scattershot or Energy Sword?

I’m creating an FFA map (CQC), so which would you think is more BALANCED (not strong)?

Depends. is there alot of corridors or is there open areas for fighting?

I would say Scattershot.The Energy Sword… while fun, is a OHK and has a small lunge.The Scattershot req’s some concentration and can still be used outside of 10 feet.So it has more engagement options.

Are you talking about them as map spawns, ordinance, or loadouts? It also depends on what the map is like and how exactly you want the gameplay to be.

If it’s map spawns, I’d say they’re about equal, so maybe have both on the map.

If it’s loadouts, I’d say make them start with energy swords, but have Scattershots on the map which the players will rush for.

It also depends on what other weapons there are. Is it just Swords and Shots?

The Energy Sword. People will get mad playing on your map if the Bipolar-shot doesn’t even work right.

You should definitely put the energy sword.
It’s a more balanced power weapon (: