Scattershot needing a tad nerf or not?

So, there are those who said that the Scattershot is on the over-powered side. I want back to watch carefully on what made people think that was…

With some speculation done, I figured out why it’s on the over-powered side.

The Scattershot has the following traits below, as far as I know:

  • Shortmid distance
  • Rebounds off hard surfaces
  • 5 shot capacity in chamber
  • Wide spread
  • Fast Fire-rate

I believe that the Fire-Rate of the weapon is what makes it slightly over-powered, especially for a shotgun-variant, because the weapon can still perform a 1sk from a point-blank range.

There are 2 reasons I can see to balance this:

  1. Slower fire-rate:
    Because this is a shotgun-variant that can probably deal just as much damage as the Shotgun from Halo: Reach, the ability to have that ease of a guaranteed kill from a longer distance isn’t really fair…even if this weapon has 1 less shell in the chamber.

  2. Slower Reload Times:
    If the rate-of-fire remains the same, shown in the E3-build, then I believe that slowing down the reload speeds could allow it feel like a power weapon, but has a downfall for doing so. Just like the Shotgun, it has high damage and 1 more shell in the chamber, and can be reloaded kinda fast, however, you have to be pretty close to actually earn an effective kill.

All are just speculation and are just my ideas. Because we all don’t know how the Human shotgun will play, all are just my opinions through observation.


In the E3 multiplayer wrap up vidoc one of the devs said they are gonna nerf it.

Sandbox designer’s mind:

“A power weapon is actually useful and gives you an advantage! Nerf it!”

Sort of, I mean some people might call the shotty a power weapon but at any distance that isnt up in your face you won’t die. Besides I like my power weapons to BE POWER weapons. Unless your up close for example: Splaser > Scattershot

Regardless of what feature of the Scattershot gets nerfed, as long as
Scattershot > Shotgun, I’m happy.

Yea. Disintegration is infinitely better than boring lead based weaponry.

(no sarcasm)

Shouldn’t power weapons be powerful?

I saw no problem with it.

> Sandbox designer’s mind:
> “A weapon is actually useful and gives you an advantage! Nerf it!”


The thing’s a shotgun, it’s a power weapon, it’s supposed to dominate close range.

After seeing what happened to reload times in H3 and Reach, I don’t want a reload time nerf.

After seeing what happened to the Plasma Launcher, I don’t want a rof nerf.