Scarabs, Maps, Etc.

Looking through these forums, I’m guessing “Bring back Scarabs” is a pretty common sentimant. I’d also guess that drivable Scarabs are also a much wanted feature. So here’s how it’d work:

1)- We’d have multiple Heavy Assault Platform types. Not just the Halo 3 Scarab; the H2 Scarab and a Forerunner varient, possibly.

2)- (From an idea gained on another thread) We’d be able to choose (with the new ordinance system) which one we want on the battlefield. Imagine: clicking “Scarab V2” and then watching it rocket down from orbit to slam into the ground and lay waste to your foe.

3)- There would have to be multiple “Big BTB” maps, maybe at least half of Reach’s Forge world in size, of various flavors. I’ll get to that.

4)- If they appeared in matchmaking/wargames/whatever, there’d have to be an entirely new playlist, which either accomedates more than 16 players, or focuses on more vehicle-based combat.

5)- On piloting the HAPs, let’s use the H3 Scarab as an example. Controlling it would be much like controlling the scorpion. You can fire both the main and AA gun, which you would switch between with the Y button (which would also shift your view slightly). Crouching would cause it to… crouch, allowing teamates to come aboard. The Scarab could also (possibly) have its own spawn point.

As for the “huge” maps, some ideas would be:

1)- A Paradiso-like map, except bigger, with a more mountainous center

2)- A Blood Gulch-like map. Would have flat, plain areas and some hilly, rocky areas, with the classic bases on each side (which would be bigger, more complex)

3)- A ruined city type map (with a name like Wartorn or something), with toppled skyscrapers and buildings, fires everywhere, ashes in the air, etc. Multiple ruins would serve as good places to hide from a Scarab’s roving eye.

Opinions, ideas, what?

Where do I sign over my first born?

Invasion + complex 1/2 Forge World Maps + more diverse vehicles = Awesome playlist which would probably compete with Salyer and Swat for most played, considering it would bring ove rpeople who like games like Battlefield because of its scale.

> Where do I sign over my first born?

Sign here, initial here, and place first born in the basket over there. Now your all set and happy, get on with life.

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