Scarab Warzone Boss Please???

Just an idea but I’m pretty sure almost everyone would be on board and would bring in a disgusting amount of new players to this game ripping copies of the game off the shelves like hungry hyenas after a fresh kill (okay maybe not entirely but you get the gist of it). So I think a Scarab as a warzone boss would be great, we’ve had our fill of promethean bosses and the grunt mech was a great and fun addition, but think about it for a sec, you’re walking around on Raid on Apex 7, it’s round 5, your hands are sweating and you’ve just slapped a fresh clip into that railgun you req’ed to kill off that knight luminary, “mythic boss approaching” sounds off as the intermission ends, you see a covenant corvette fly above and BOOM, a scarab drops from orbit and unfolds like an unholy metallic transformer, you hear a loud groan coming from it as the 3 minute or so timer begins. The health bar chips down as everyone pulls out every req possible to nuke this sucker into oblivion, just as the health drops to about 5% the scarab kneels at the might of your scorpions and wraiths, you jump out of that wasp and run inside, you find 7 other spartans smacking and shoulder charging the power core, you finally destroy it as you run out and witness a glorious, screen shaking, pulse punding explosion, and booyah, you’ve got yourself one hell of an update to warzone that many, MANY people will fall in love with playing over and over

Cool Idea don’t think they can add this in halo 5. but would love to see it in halo 6.

That would be fantastic, I really hope Halo 6 has Warzone, it’s so much fun.

agreed probably a little late to add to 5, but hopefully for the eventual 6

With the way the maps are i think a scarab is too big of a vehicle.

Would be a great end boss to take down in Firefight…
But pls not shoot it down…I want to take it down like the good ol’ days!

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> With the way the maps are i think a scarab is too big of a vehicle.

It can fit into sanctum but the others not so much…