Scarab Counter?

This may be a stretch, but let’s say in Infinite or maybe another installment down the road that 343i adds the Scarab to multiplayer. Now these four-legged spiders are powerful and usually in multiplayer vehicles on both sides are able to counter each other. Example: Covenant- Wraith and UNSC- Scorpion. So if we ever see the Scarab being utilized in multiplayer and spawnable in forge what would be the vehicle on the UNSC side that can counter against it?

Probably the super unit Condor from Halo Wars 2.

has everyone forgotten about the elephant?

I feel as though the Mammoth could be a good counter for it.

I think if this is added,it will be epic

Id love to see it but at least make it a bit balanced, like its very slow but quite powerful

Or use a KoTH kinda deal, first team to do these objectives, hold this hill and fight of the other team wins.