Scarab boss?

I know this will never happen, and this is a really big stretch… but imagine… on the final round of firefight or near the end of warzone, a scarab falls from the sky somewhere on the map with lots of covenant aboard, the core of the scarab would need to be really strong, (Considering people would probably use thruster pack and sparten abilities along with the grav lifts nearby to get onboard easily. But literaly NOBODY would be complaining about a scarab boss! With a giant main laser and a top antiair cannon, and make it as destroyable as it was in halo 3. The legs, the face, the core guard piece, the legs, and the doors at the bottom, it would be SO much fun, but I don’t expect to see anything lol… What are your ideas?

That would be an epic addition for a boss!

Actually sounds pretty interesting, always wanted to vs a scarab with other people (not in campaign),